How I Can Help Your Family

My services are tailored to the individual needs of my client families. We begin with an initial in-depth consultation to assess the needs of both the person with dementia and the concerned family caregivers. Each situation is different so each set of solutions and recommendations is tailored to the family and care recipient. As needs change, we can address these changes so that care recommendations stay current with and support the changing needs of families, caregivers, and care recipients.

My services include email, phone, and in-person consultations. I will help you locate and evaluate appropriate healthcare professionals (such as doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths, etc) financial and legal services, in-home agencies, community programs (including state and local programs) and residential care homes. I assist with monitoring, coordinating, and advocating for, quality care. I will help families communicate with each other so that everyone is kept abreast of the ever-changing situation and can offer (or be asked for) their help to the primary family caregiver. I also assist families with transitions such as accepting help in the home or moving a relative to residential care.

Because needs and resources are different for everyone, I offer three different types of services. The first is a one time consultation. This service is for those who need help with a current situation or emergent challenge. In this case, families use my expertise and the program I help them devise to make the needed changes themselves with little further support.

The second type of service is as needed support. In this case, after the initial consultation, I am available to resume working with families to help them overcome an unexpected or new challenge.

The third type of service is short term or long term care mangement. I provide on-going support, oversight and guidance as a dementia care manager. This helps families who are unable to perform this function for their loved one with dementia. They may live far away or have busy lives with jobs, children and other demands on their time and energies. Or they simply may not feel comfortable with these tasks and feel they would not perform them adaquately.

All visits to healthcare proferssionals, all interactions with clients and family result in a summary report submitted to the primary family caregiver (or medical PoA if these are different people). These reports are intended to answer your questions and concerns and to keep you updated on your loved one's changing abilities and circumstances. These reports are shared only with those permitted by the primary family caregiver and are intended to help families accept and cope with ongoing changes.

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