Dementia Care Consultant

About Me

Latest News: As of October 2018 I have joined the Board of Directors as Secretary for Partnerships Adult Day Care in Hamden CT. This medical model adult day care center specializes in serving clients with various forms of dementia.

I didn't plan on becoming a caregiver. My training and inclination are in the arts and sciences. I have been a professional ballerina, and am a lifelong artist, an astrophycisist, and an educator. In 2006 when my family was told that my mother could no longer live alone, it fell to me to move back up to Connecticut and take on the role of my mother's primary family caregiver.

At first my mother was still relatively independent but this state did not last long as I abruptly learned the morning I returned from my daily early morning walk to find the house filled with smoke and a couple of fire trucks out front. She had decided to make herself some eggs but forgot all about them while they were frying on the stove. As her condition worsened I found myself more and more overwhelmed by situations and questions I had no experience with. It was a steep learning curve frought with depression, dismay, and quite often, panic.

Until her death in November of 2016, after a year of at home hospice, I was an active caregiver for my mother, having made the choice to keep her home for as long as possible. This was a decision I originally made for emotional reasons, but I was able to continue because I became adept at caring for a loved one with dementia from a position of knowledge and strength, as well as confident in my ability to deal with every issue that arose.

Over time I learned about the many and various resources for information, aid, knowledge, and support. I know where to go when different problems and obstacles arise. I can even estimate how long getting through and getting issues resolved will take. I am still constantly researching solutions and going to relevant seminars and workshops just as I did when my mother was living, because I want help you make the best decisions for your family's circumstances.

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